God of War (2018)

God Of War PS4 case

This photoshop project shows a vast majority of my skills. Blending and masking are some of the biggest ones, but this project also features my first digital painting. I painted Kratos’ axe, Leviathan, to make it look a little more like it would in a game. 

The God of War game series is one of my favorites – I used to watch my dad play the early games when I was a kid and I was ecstatic when this game wasannounced. I bought the Limited edition version of the game and that’s where my idea came from. The limited edition version of the game came with a steel box for the disc. My design is my own version of the limited edition case featuring a slip cover and a reverse art insert.

This project required a lot of my attention on tiny details like the fine text on the back cover and the painting of the axe. It is one of my favorite pieces to date and I’m extremely proud of it.

Digital Files