Fey of the Sage Moon

Final illustration of Fey

This project was a final for Adobe Illustrator. We were instructed to illustrate an animal using all the tools we learned throughout the semester. I chose to illustrate a picture of my cat from the first week I had her. I wanted there to be a magical feel about the illustration. I looked up the moon she was born under and decided to do a night theme. We call her Fey, her full name is Santa Fey, and her nick name is Fey Bee. She’s spunky and my magical girl.

I started by sketching from a picture I took of Fey. From there I did the background, then the overall shape of he body, and then started details in her face.I used a lot of gradients, shape builder, and blends. Towards the end of the project I switched which side of the screen the moon was on to better balance the image.

Sketch of Fey