Desktop Wallpaper

desktop wallpaper mockup

My design is Nordic mythology. In the image Biofrost (the rainbow) is connecting a church to Asgard. Implying that souls of the dead are going to their after-life. This is a Photoshop project focusing on blending and masking.

I followed my sketch very closely. I was glad that I had my idea down because I was able to spend more time focusing on the details in the project. There are a lot of little things that had to be done in this piece to make it look cohesive.


Sketch for the desktop wallpaper
Finished desktop wallpaper

Important Images Used

The Bojnice Castle in Slovakia
The Borgund Stave church in Norway

These were the most important pieces of the wallpaper. The Bojnice Castle in Slovakia (left) asAsgard- home of the Gods. The Borgund Stave Church in Norway (right) is well, a Church. I was very drawn to it’s architecture.