Crystal Jean's

Branding and Landing Page

Responsive design mockup
I absolutely loved working on both parts of this project. I started with the packaging and I knew right away that I wanted to do my boyfriend’s mother’s cookies, but I didn’t want to put them in a normal box. I went out and I found a template for an origami petal box and fell in love with its design. I spent a lot of time adjusting the dimensions of the die cut and printing out small versions of it on 8.5×11 paper to figure out how the folds worked and what needed to be adjusted to get this box just right. I had two themes for this box: blue & crystals and purple and orchids. My classmates and I all preferred the blue design and I forged ahead making my box. When I had all the art done and the box was constructed, I felt something was missing. That’s when I added the tag on the side.
When it came to doing the landing page I was a little apprehensive about building my ideas, but once I got the mobile design finished, the other media queries worked out with a few kinks. I used flex-box for most of the elements, which is now supported by most browsers so I felt safe implementing it in my design. There were a few headaches, but my design look fairly close to the mockups and the page loads quickly.